Enniscorthy Is Fighting Back

Enniscorthy is preparing for outdoor dining which, when in place, will add greatly to the night economy of the town and its attractiveness to visitors.

The Municipal Authority is working in tandem with the Chamber in offering every assistance to restaurant owners wishing to provide such a service and the belief now is that, weather permitting, the opportunity exists to claw back some of the lost ground during the enforced lockdown brought about by the coronavirus Pandemic.

The emphasis now of course must be on a full return to indoor dining and a complete re-opening of all public houses so as the hospitality for which Enniscorthy is well known can be fully experienced by locals and visitors alike.

The uptake among restaurant owners for the opportunity of providing outdoor dining facilities for their customers will, hopefully, be matched by pub owners when pubs re-open next week. Every effort will be made to offer the same range of incentives to members of the licensed trade who, like others involved in retailing, have suffered immeasurably over the past 18 months.

Hopefully, the worst is now behind us with the future holding great promise of more prosperous times ahead. In order to maximise the full potential of the future, however, it is essential full local support be forthcoming from the local community for all initiatives designed to help businesses recover and prosper in the months ahead. Community support is essential if Enniscorthy is to protect jobs and see a full return to uninterrupted trading. 

We all have an important role to play so let’s not be found wanting.