Tech support for SMEs helping drive growth across Ireland.

Global HR software company BrightHR announced this week a new partnership with Chambers Ireland, designed to provide tech support and drive growth. Since launching in Ireland just 5 years ago, the company has seen huge uptake and daily usage, with almost 6,000 Irish businesses now using their transformative people management tools.

Alan Price, CEO at BrightHR, says “The scale of growth we’ve seen in Ireland is not only a credit to customer loyalty, it also demonstrates the global demand for smart, reliable, HR software.

  • More than 76,000 Irish employees are being managed using BrightHR software.
  • Irish companies have created almost 300,000 documents using our platform.
  • Employees have clocked in via Blip 4.25 million times

“Last year was challenging for many business owners. And we went into 2023 with over a third of Irish businesses just hoping to survive the year. Rising costs, staff shortages, and employee retention are just some of the challenges facing SMEs. That’s why we’re thrilled to be partnering with Chambers Ireland, working towards our shared goal of building better businesses across the Emerald Isle.

“Ireland is a hotbed for tech talent, and we’ve seen significant investment in the Irish market from many global companies. But with the beating heart of Irish business still primarily SME’s, it’s our priority to ensure they can compete against the tech giants.

“With Microsoft, Salesforce, Meta, Amazon and Workhuman all having announced cut backs and job losses, now is the perfect time for businesses to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and skill that is out there. The opportunity for growth across Ireland is huge; we’ve clearly seen this from our own growth.

“Smart HR-software allows small businesses to transform their people management providing the advice and support needed for SMEs to grow their business. We work hard to ensure Irish small business owners have all the tools they need to not only compete but excel in all areas of business, simplifying recruitment and people management processes, building the business community, and supporting local business growth.

“Building a strong infrastructure is crucial in every workplace to ensure company operations run smoothly from the start. Keeping track of and managing daily HR tasks is integral to the overall success of any company.

“Tasks such as building schedules, ensuring staff are paid on time, and booking time off must all be tracked to keep everything in order.

“Not all small businesses can afford HR services or hire a full HR department, and in most cases small business owners are learning as they go. But they need these services just as much as other companies to operate. Mistakes can be costly. That’s where technology comes in. It’s no longer just ‘nice to have’ – technology is a must have especially for smaller businesses looking to compete with global corporations.

“Smart HR-software transforms people management for small businesses by providing the advice and support needed for SMEs to grow their business. Getting reliable help can make a huge difference to a company’s success.

“We are excited to continue supporting small businesses across Ireland, helping them save time and money, and allowing them to maximise opportunities and focus on successfully growing their business.”

Ian Talbot, Chief Executive at Chambers Ireland says
“We’re delighted to launch this partnership with BrightHR. Their values and outlook align perfectly with our position as the voice of business across Ireland. Attracting and retaining talent is key to business growth. It’s our mission to ensure that this talent remains right here in Ireland, with sustainable long-term growth and opportunities for both businesses and people to thrive.”