AirconMech is seeking a Senior Mechanical Estimator & Apprentices

Since forming in 1996, AirconMech is now one of Ireland’s leading Building Services Engineering Contractors. They specialise in the complete installation and maintenance of heating, plumbing, ventilation and air conditioning systems and are
experts in all activities relating to HVAC. With offices in Wexford, Dublin, Cork and London, AirconMech are geographically well positioned to meet client’s needs. 3D designs are created using the latest software developments to ensure the system designed is the system required. Their growing client portfolio includes world class multinational Food Processing Companies along with Pharmaceutical, Commercial, Medical, Entertainment, Hotel & Leisure and Retail Companies.

The company is currently seeking applications for a Senior Mechanical Estimator. They also have vacancies for Apprentice Plumbers and Apprentice Air Conditioning Technicians. They employ in excess of a 100 highly skilled people throughout the country including an experienced team of Project Engineers.

The company is very focused on staff development as they continue to attract and retain talented individuals. With this in mind the company now operates the ‘Wellness at Work Programme’ which is the company’s new approach to employee wellbeing in the work place encompassing a programme that addresses the physical, emotional and mental health of each employee. Whilst the programme is in the early stages of implementation, a number of initiatives have been progressed. These include The AirconMech ‘Step in the Right Direction’ – a 5k running event to promote positive Wellbeing and Mindfulness in the workplace; the company also engaged the services of Dr Aoife Kelly of ĺon Herbal Tonics to work with employees on their nutritional health to help improve overall wellbeing. The implementation of the programme shone a
spotlight on each individual’s nutritional health and its link to enhanced wellness.
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