AIB Wake Up Wednesday With Heather Hadrill and Marion Barry from Wexford Mental Health

Date: Wednesday 4th September 2019
Time: 7:30am – 9.00am
Cost: Chamber Members €5 per person, Non-Members €10 per person.
Location: The Enniscorthy & District Office, Portsmouth House, Templeshannon Y21A6K1
Speaker: Heather Hadrill from the Wexford Mental Health Association
Topic: The IPS Model of Supported Employment. 

Marion Barry, Employment Specialist Supervisor and Heather Hadrill, Employment Specialist for North Wexford, for the Wexford Mental Health Association, will discuss the IPS Model of Supported Employment. 

IPS stands for Individual Placement and Support to support those with mental illness, in their efforts to achieve steady, meaningful employment in mainstream competitive jobs, either part time or full time.

The Employment Specialists are central to the IPS programme and are integrated into the Mental Health Teams to support service users to return to work.  Marion and Heather will discuss the principles of the IPS model, what motivates employers to hire IPS clients and how it can be a win-win for both clients and employers.

Heather Hadrill, Biography

Heather Hadrill, currently works as an Employment Specialist for the Wexford Mental Health Association. She has experienced a diverse career to date, working with a range of organisations, managing client relationships, multiple projects and facilitation of confidence building and theatre workshops.  She is a qualified Craniosacral Therapist and Speech & Drama Teacher. Heather also has a B.A. Degree in Communications, from Dublin City University and a Business Management Development Certificate from Waterford Institute of Technology.  She worked as News Broadcaster and Researcher with South East Radio for six years before taking up Self-employment.  As a Craniosacral Therapist, Heather has worked with clients in Dublin and Wexford and received further training in London on Trauma and Healing from leading experts.  Heather’s professional work in Theatre includes over 10 years Directing and Producing Theatre productions in Ireland, Baroque Opera in the Czech Republic, teaching drama to children and adults, and as a Drama/Communications Tutor for Wexford Local Development.

Marion Barry,

Marion Barry is the Senior Employment Specialist with the IPS Employment Specialist programme and has been working with the programme since Jan 2015. Marion’s career profile has 20 years of business experience in retail and hospitality which includes a 15 year period of self-employment. During that period Marion was responsible for all overall operations, recruitment, human resources management, training and development within her organisation. Marion has detailed educational history in business and support including a Bachelor Business Management (hons) degree.

Marion has a strong interest in supporting people with disabilities and she volunteers with early school leavers seeking employment. Marion also trained as a support worker with early intervention and behaviours supports for autism.

Marion developed successful and meaningful relationships with key people in the business community to generate vocational opportunities for IPS ES clients. Her relationship with business people has been forged and cultivated over the past 20 years of her business/training career. The knowledge and relationships she nurtured has benefited the development and progression of the IPS Employment Specialist service.  Having had detailed experience of the IPS ES programme Marion believes that the private and public sector partnership, can under the right conditions offer service users hope in career development acting as a productive member of the wider community.