Free eLearning Digital Marketing Course

Retail Ireland Skillnet want you know about a Retail Digital Marketing eLearning Course that we can offer to all Chamber Members free of charge.  This funded project is aimed to support SME’s and individuals gain digital marketing skills and whilst references retail, all content is applicable across different sectors.  There is no cost to the learner.

The course is open to both individuals and businesses who want to upskill in key digital marketing practices and social media. The course which has been written by retail and digital marketing experts offers insight to Social Media, Blogging, E-Commerce, search engine optimisation, AdWords, lecture tutorial and much more. 
For further information visit our website or you can watch a video here

Additional information
Where is the course delivered?  The course is delivered online so you do not need to leave your business, you can complete the modules at a pace that suits your schedule. 
How long does the course take to complete?  On average it takes about 7-8 hours and you can stop and start as required.
Can I register multiple employees on the course? Yes, businesses can register as many employees as required.
Is there a final exam?  There is no final exam, however, there are questions to test your knowledge at the end of each of the modules. 
Is the course certified?  Yes, an industry cert will be issued to all who successfully complete the course by Retail Ireland Skillnet.  We can also place your company logo on the cert.
How can I register?  Simply email your full name and email address to and you will receive a notification confirming your registration shortly after.